Site Auditing


So you’re planning on refreshing your website or possibly looking at optimizing your website performance. We understand that every website may have anything from a dozen to a few hundred pages. But for the business you’ve been doing so great, you need your website to be equally responsive and fast for your customers as it is to directly to talk to you. This is where Site auditing comes in! Let’s see what Site auditing can do.


¬†Auditing can be anything from Search engine optimization, Page clicks, Link optimization, UX optimization, making the pages error-free and inspecting that your website doesn’t have too much of JavaScript or flash. That seems like a lot of technical knowledge, right? You’ll need someone technical to help you with this one. Here is a site audit checklist your website can use. Search Engine Optimization: Search engines like google, duckduckgo and bing use a very familiar structure of page ranking for making it easier for the users to discover your web page. They use the websites structured XML or even robots file to determine the ranking of a page. Even things like headings, links and many more affect how your web page can be ranked, and this, of course, will lead to more traffic on your website from general searches.¬†

UX optimization: A general study shows the people stay not more than 15 seconds to judge a website. So you’ll your page to contain things that make them stay longer in the first 1/3 of the page. These are called lead generators, buttons, and links to the same page. This also includes the structure of the website. How many clicks does it take for the user to reach the deepest part of your web page? A few pages have as many as 7-8 clicks and a few ones have as few as 3. The pages with 3 clicks are lower is what we consider to be a UX optimized page

Search Engine Optimization: Despite the proliferation of social media and instant messaging apps being a very important part of the visitors of the page. The search engine results page plays a very important role in how people trust subconsciously in the company. Search Engines however clearly do not determine how each of they affect the ranking of the page. Although search engines like Duckduck go have revealed which factors affect the ranking, The weight age of each of the factors is never clearly defined as it lets rival companies steal such ideas. A few important determined and tested methods, however, include tags, content, page links and page speed.

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